Vegan Chocolate Truffles


Luxurious truffles are expensive to buy very easy and fun to make. These rich melt-in the mouth treats are flavoured with coffee liqueur, but you could use whiskey or brandy instead. The mixture can be rolled in cocoa powder or icing (Confectioner’s) sugar instead of being dipped in melted chocolate remember to store the fresh-cream truffles in the refrigerator. I made these truffles for a tea party, then transfer to little boxes as leaving gifts.


350g/12 oz plain vegan



75ml/5tbsp double vegan

(Heavy) Cream

30ml/2 tbsp coffee liqueur

225g/8oz vegan quality white desert



1.Melt 225g/8oz of the plain chocolate in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of barely simmering water. Stir in the cream and liqueur, then chill the mixture for 4 hours, until firm.

2.Divide the mixture into 24 equal pieces and quickly roll each into a ball. Chill for 1 hour, or until the truffles are firm again.

3.Melt the remaining plain, white chocolate in separate small bowls. using two forks, carefully dip eight of the truffles on at a time, into the melted plain chocolate.

4.repeat to cover the remaining 16 truffles with melted white or chocolate. Place the truffles on a board or tray. Covered with wax paper or foil. Leave to set before placing in individual mini paper cases or transferring to serving dish.


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