Chia smoothie pain relief


250 ml 1cup frozen raspberries

250 ml 1cup frozen blueberries

Small potion of apple juice or orange juice to

Loosen the frozen fruits and make it easier to blend

2 small pots of chosen alpro soy vanilla yogurt

2 tbsp chia seeds from health store

1 tbsp powder ancient ginger & turmeric, natural health store


1.Soaked chia seeds in small amount of water just to cover for 5 minutes until they’re soft and look swollen.

2.In the meantime prepare the other ingredients, by combining your fruits and soy yogurt, and turmeric and ginger with your favourite fruits juice and blend altogether.

3.Pour your smoothie over your prepared chia seeds.

Using the turmeric and ginger is pretty good for a bit of aches and pain, it works for me!