Wild Berry pie

This pie is so delicious, my daughter was visiting with her friend a week ago in Surrey, when she got home she wouldn’t stop talking about this pie her friend gave her. She was able to remember all the ingredients.. but her friend’s recipe was all dairy, so with all the ingredients she mentioned I was able to put it together and this is what I came up with.


2 packet of waffles/ normal packets or gluten-free possible the squares

500ml/ 2 cups double soy cream
2 vegan eggs
2 packet vegan white button chocolate
500ml/2 cups raspberries


Use roughly 5 waffles by tearing or pinching apart in bite size and place in a ovenproof grease dish.
Then add some of the raspberries on top of the waffles with like a layers and do the same with the white chocolate. Then add another layer of of bite sizes of waffles on top with the remaining white chocolate and raspberries. Whisk eggs and double cream together together until nice and thick consistency then pour over your wild berry pie and put in the oven Gas mark 180°C fan 350°f Gas 4 for 25-30 until browned and little bit crispy. And serve with soy vanilla ice cream or ice cream of your choice.