My Snacks


These are some of my favorite snacks I like to eat, I struggled to find snacks that I actually like, most time I’ll buy snacks that I don’t even like, not until I purchased, then realized it’s not tasty as it sounds, from the reading on the packets especially the kale and spinach, beetroot and kale. So I’ll keep them for my daughter’s pet Degu. As for the cheese flavour balls, can’t get enough of them! And the Edamame so delicious, the cheese balls I need to give a break, the roof of my gum is absolutely sore, I can barely drink water from eating so much cheese balls. I’s difficult to find snacks, that I can have due to such bad allergies. When I ran out of snacks due to the lockdown I’ll bake more so can have something to nibble on.
Making my own chickpeas taste so much better, I bought roast chickpeas on Amazon and the taste is so horrible, such a waste of money and it’s a reasonably large pack.

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