Granola Oaty Clusters

My quick easy ready-made breakfast with oats milk, this is the only brand granola I can eat, most granola is filled with nuts when I visit the supermarkets they’re no different so many different granola’s but still filled with nuts and raisins! I like my cereals, plain maybe if I wasn’t allergic to nuts, I could possibly tolerate having nuts in my cereals. The fact that there are so many peanut allergies! And even when I tried the health shops there are no different from the supermarkets their cereals are absolutely filled with nuts, if not cashews it’s peanut or almonds. To be honest, I’m also allergic to coconut and there is about 1.2% coconut in the ingredients and I’m gluten intolerant and it has gluten, it’s not the best. Coconut is the last in ingredients on the box and because I have been living on Antihistamine for the last 23 years, it dampens my system so I’ll sometime take a risk but if I missed a day or two not taking any Antihistamine! I’ll have a nasty reaction in a big way. I’m sure I have bought the same brand in gluten-free before. On the box there is Allergy advice: in bold it warns not suitable for Sesame, Milk, and But allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods. Again I’m allergic to all of the above but I sometimes take risk or I will never be able to eat. I would never advise anyone to do the same we’re all different and by living with allergies for so many years I know how it affects me and I takes notes of the behaviour of the different pattern how it affects my lifestyle.